An application to build a petrol station on the corner of West Street and Peel Terrace in Busselton was unanimously approved at last week’s council meeting.

As part of the development a roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of West Street and Peel Terrace and the applicant must provide a minimum of 84 parking bays on the site.

It was proposed the petrol station would operate 24 hours, seven days a week with eight bowsers on the site.

Peel Terrace would need to be widened from six metres to 10 metres to allow for the movement of heavy vehicles into and out of the facility.

There were 24 objections submitted to the city during public consultation which were addressed by city officers.

Most of the objections received were in relation to traffice congestion with city officers stating these issues had been addressed in the traffic impact assessment.

Other people objected to the number of petrol stations already operating in Busselton. City officers stated in their report that competition was not something they could consider in their assessment of the application.

City officers also stated that conditions had been placed on the application ‘to ensure the development would not intercept the water table and adversely impact local wildlife’ when responding to concerns about the environmental impact and proximity to the wetlands.

Because the location is within a service commercial zone, a petrol station was considered an appropriate development for the location.

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