Terrifying video shows the moment a fuel tanker swerved onto the wrong side of a busy WA highway, almost causing a crash.

It’s a frightening near-miss that could have been deadly.

The vision was captured on the last day of school holidays, not far from Albany.

It could now become evidence in a police investigation.

The 40-tonne fuel truck was captured on the wrong side of Albany Highway, headed straight for oncoming traffic.

A family was in the car behind.

“He could have wiped out a family heading in the other direction, and had to live with that consequence.,” WA Police Minister Michelle Roberts said after viewing the footage.

The fuel tanker was filmed swerving on Albany Highway.
The fuel tanker was filmed swerving on Albany Highway. Credit: 7NEWS

To watch the video and interview with the people behind the camera see; https://7news.com.au/news/wa/fuel-tanker-filmed-driving-on-wrong-side-of-albany-highway-narrowly-missing-car-c-1387472

Extracted in full from: https://7news.com.au/news/wa/fuel-tanker-filmed-driving-on-wrong-side-of-albany-highway-narrowly-missing-car-c-1387472