Big savings can be made by fuelling up at the right time and place, with a spike in petrol prices expected this week ahead of the long weekend.

Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, especially, are expected to see price spike this week, while prices in Adelaide are set to keep falling until Friday, the quarterly report from Compare the Market shows.

“As shutdowns and restrictions across the country continue to ease in most states, our analysis shows that petrol prices are starting to rise closer to their pre-pandemic prices,” households savings expert Abigail Koch said.

“Motorists paid an average of 122 cent per litre over the last quarter, which is 9cpl more than the quarter to June and is nearly double the average price motorists paid in the middle of April when we hit record-low prices of around 75 cents per litre.”

Petrol prices fluctuate across the country, and drivers are urged to do their research before filling up in order to save money. Picture: AAP


Sydney petrol prices hit their low point last Friday and are already in a new cycle. The inner southwestern parts of Sydney have the cheapest petrol prices right now at around 116 cents per litre. The Mount Pritchard area has seen consistently low prices since Monday, with some stations selling fuel for less than 98 cents per litre on Wednesday. North Sydney and Hornsby were among the most expensive areas in the city, with prices above 113 cents per litre on Wednesday.


In Brisbane, prices were nearing the bottom of the cycle at the beginning of this week. The Ipswich area has seen some of the lowest prices, with some local stations selling petrol for less than 104 cents per litre. Brisbane East sticks out in the high price range, with some stations charging more than 119 cents per litre for unleaded fuel.


In Perth, prices are set to start rising from Wednesday, with Tuesdays generally being the cheapest day of the week. As for drivers who need to fill up later in the week, they’re recommended to shop around for cheap prices. The North-West and southeast subregions have seen relatively low prices, while Inner Perth has been more expensive.


In Canberra, prices have remained stable, and drivers are advised to look for the cheapest prices around. Fyswick in the South Canberra district has been a cheap spot for petrol early in the week, while Hawker has been on the expensive side. Stations southeast of the city centre offered fuel for less than 114 cents per litre on Wednesday, while some bowsers to the northeast showed prices of over 124 cents per litre.

Melbourne was excluded from the data set because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions in place in Victoria.

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