Real-time fuel price reporting in the state has resulted in Tasmanians paying less at the bowser, according to the RACT.

It’s now been a month since the state government implemented a fuel price reporting scheme.

And RACT chief member experience officer Stacey Pennicott said retailers appeared to be responding to the increased scrutiny.

“In the four weeks before reporting was introduced, Tasmanians paid $342,000 more than they should have for unleaded fuel,” she said. “In the four weeks since reporting was introduced, that figure has reduced to $227,000.”

The mark-up on wholesale unleaded prices is about 14 cents per litre and the figure RACT arrived at was the total exceeding the mark-up.

“While there’s still a long way to go, what this shows is that when people have access to information and are given the tools to shop around and save money they will,” Ms Pennicott said.

“The only way we are going to close the gap between the wholesale price and the retail price is if motorists shop around.”

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