The Tasmanian Government’s FuelCheckTAS app has helped Tasmanian motorists save tens of thousands of dollars since being introduced in September.

Figures from Consumer, Building and Occupational Services show a 23 cent per litre difference between the highest and lowest U91 fuel prices reported between September and October – a potential saving of nearly $7 on a 30-litre tank.

The difference between the highest and lowest prices for diesel reported was 29 cents, which was a potential saving of $14.50 on a 50-litre tank.

Motoring group RACT estimates that Tasmanians overall have saved $115,000 on unleaded fuel costs during the four weeks since the Government’s app, its associated website and mandatory real-time fuel price reporting were all introduced.*

Over 10,000 drivers have downloaded the free FuelCheckTAS app and accessed the website so far, and 246 service stations state-wide have been reporting their prices in real time.

All Tasmanians are encouraged to download the app, with the combined market power of motorists and the creation of real competition expected to drive prices down further.


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