We sit at number seven with an average price for unleaded petrol of $1.21.

It cost an average of $97.70 to fill an 80L tank in August.

The price is only a whisker higher than Canberra at $1.20 and just short of Wollongong at $1.223.

Melbourne was the most expensive, at $1.270.

There may be some hope on the horizon for Garden City motorists with both the ALP and the LNP committing to legislation for real-time fuel reporting if they win government at today’s Queensland election.

Their announcements were welcomed by the RACQ.

“We fought hard for this opportunity for drivers to have free access to information about when and where to fill up, ensuring they could save the most amount of money,” club spokeswoman Renee Smith said.

August fuel prices ranked.

August fuel prices ranked.

Real-time fuel reporting started as a trial two years ago, with service stations reporting changes in their fuel prices within 30 minutes.

RACQ’s Fair Fuel app was downloaded more than 139,000 times since the trial began and has more than 37,000 active users every month.

Ms Smith said the trial had resulted in reductions in the price of unleaded petrol in most regional and city centres.

“We’ve seen a genuine change in fuel pricing across Queensland due to the trial. In the south east we’ve experienced more cheap days and opportunities to get a good deal and in the first year alone the scheme led to savings of 14 million dollars for SEQ drivers,” she said.

“Prices will always fluctuate depending on oil prices, but by having access to real-time information drivers can make educated decisions and reward the service stations doing the right thing and offering a fair deal.

“Ultimately this will change the game for drivers if we commit to using the information and not squandering it.

“The worst thing we can do now is ignore the apps and websites which publicise this information and fill up at any old service station.

“The power is finally back in the hands of the drivers so we can’t stress this enough, shop around and do your homework and you’ll save every fill.”

Extracted in full from: https://www.thechronicle.com.au/business/our-august-fuel-price-was-seventh-most-expensive-in-australia/news-story/eae64e51d1ef6332d3ec1b7113092886