As part of a set of rolling changes to many Awards, the operation of overtime rates for employees engaged under the Clerks – Private Sector Award 2020 have been changed.

For the latest copy of the Award see;

The changes have now been adopted into the Award and can be seen at clause 21.4 and below;

Permanent & Casual (non-shiftworker)

  • Monday to Saturday – first 2 hours
    • Permanent = 150% of minimum hourly rate
    • Casual = 175% of minimum hourly rate
      • Monday to Saturday – after the first 2 hours
    • Permanent = 200% of minimum hourly rate
    • Casual = 225% of minimum hourly rate
  • Sunday all day
    • Permanent = 200% of minimum hourly rate
    • Casual = 225% of minimum hourly rate
  • Public Holiday all day
    • Permanent = 250% of minimum hourly rate
    • Casual = 275% of minimum hourly rate

Changes to the Overtime Rates for Shiftworkers can be found at clause 21.8

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