ACAPMA (along with the Deputy Prime Minister the Hon Michael McCormack MP and the Minister for Small and Family Business, the Hon Michaelia Cash MP, COSBOA and the New Sunrise Group) are proud to launch the inaugural GO LOCAL FIRST Local Legends’ Lunch, which will take place over the weekend of 4-6 December delivering a concerted focus on the local retail heroes that have battled through a series of challenges while servicing their communities and offering up socially distanced camaraderie and prizes for customers.

From bushfires and floods through to the pandemic, we’ve all had a tough year.

With summer just around the corner, there’s an opportunity for all Australians to look forward to taking time out for long overdue catch ups with family and friends.

It’s a chance to celebrate the start of summer and to encourage Aussies to (responsibly, adhering to relevant restrictions) get together.

The inaugural GO LOCAL FIRST Local Legends’ Lunch which will take place over the weekend of 4-6 December.

We’re encouraging Australians to get together and host loved ones for a Local Legends’ Lunch, with supplies sourced from their local small businesses. Take a photo of your lunch spread and post it on social media for the opportunity to win a $1000 fuel voucher for the best spread in each state and territory.

COSBOA Chair and ACAPMA Chief Executive, Mark McKenzie, said “After what has been a long and difficult year for all Australians, a BBQ or lunch get together with friends and family is something to look forward to.

“GO LOCAL FIRST when you head out to buy your supplies. Pick up chips, ice, lollies and a gas bottle from the servo, grab your sausages from a small locally owned butcher, and the beers or wine from a small local producer.

“But also think outside the box; try and use a lawn care business to get the cricket pitch mown in or visit a locally owned pharmacy for sunscreen and vitamins for the next day,” said Mr McKenzie.

“New Sunrise Group are proud to support the Local Legends’ Lunch through our locally-owned servos,” said New Sunrise Group Chief Executive, Steve Cardinale.

“We have 1,050 stores nationally, and every single one plays a critical role within their community. We’re often first to open and last to close – at night and in times of crisis.

“Our communities can always rely on us to be there for them. During the bushfires and floods last summer, our stores stayed open to the serve the SES and RFS, while supplying fuel and acting as a sanctuary to eat, have something to drink and catch up on rest. We’ll continue to stand with our communities through this crisis too,” said Mr Cardinale. 

Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon Michael McCormack MP, welcomed the launch of this initiative.

“Small businesses, especially our local ones, really have been the legends of this year. They have worked hard every day to ensure Australians can access the supplies and services they need,” Mr McCormack said.

“I am extremely grateful for the role they play in our lives so I would encourage everyone to get together for a Local Legends Lunch.”

Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, said small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy.

“Small and family businesses create local jobs, provide the services Australians need, and drive economic growth in cities and towns across the country,” Minister Cash said.

“This year has been tough on all Australians, but our small businesses have shown resilience and innovation in the face of extraordinary challenges to keep their businesses open and serve their communities.

“Local Legends Lunches are the perfect opportunity to show our support and gratitude to our small businesses and I encourage Australians, young and old, to get involved.”

 “With the cricket during the day and the rugby in the evening it’s a sport-filled weekend – but if sport isn’t your thing, the Local Legends’ Lunch is still a great excuse to get together while going local first to support local small business,” said Mr McKenzie.

The Local Legends Lunches are part of the GO LOCAL FIRST initiative which is delivered with the support of the Commonwealth Government. This initiative is a six-month campaign urging Australians to choose to buy with small, local businesses and support the national economic recovery.

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