THE new United fuel outlet alongside the Darwin FreeSpirit Resort at Pinelands is making its arrival felt – with petrol and diesel selling for about five cents a litre below the wholesale price.

United has only recently taken over the site, and the freshly rebadged outlet has let motorists know it is back in business, with unleaded petrol selling at a rock bottom 98.9c a litre.

This is 17c a litre cheaper than Darwin and northern suburb fuel outlets (116.5c), and 16c a litre cheaper than nearby petrol station rivals (115.5c).

The average price for diesel fuel in Darwin is 116.7c a litre.

The wholesale terminal gate price in Darwin is 104.8c a litre for unleaded and 105.5c a litre for diesel.

 The United at Pinelands is selling unleaded petrol at a rock bottom 98.9c a litre. Picture: Glenn Campbell
 The United at Pinelands is selling unleaded petrol at a rock bottom 98.9c a litre. Picture: Glenn Campbell

Automobile Association of the NT (AANT) chief executive Anthony Hill said the new United Pinelands fuel price offering was even more attractive to AANT members because they were entitled to a further six cents a litre discount that had them paying just 92.9c a litre.

Mr Hill said it was pleasing to see petrol prices overall in Darwin holding firm at about 116.5c a litre.

The fluctuating price of fuel has long been a source of angst for Territory motorists.

At the height of the COV-ID-19 pandemic lockdowns, Darwin motorists were being gouged by close to 40c a litre more than the wholesale price which was available to sellers.

In April, the terminal gate price for unleaded fuel was 85c a litre, yet in the Darwin CBD and the northern suburbs the average retail price was 123.7c a litre.

Darwin fuel outlets put the need for the price differential down to reduced customer volumes caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns.

 Petrol prices at BP 
</s1>Pinelands yesterday. Picture: Glenn Campbell
 Petrol prices at BP Pinelands yesterday. Picture: Glenn Campbell

Since the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Darwin, and with more motorists returning to the roads, the price of petrol has hovered between 116.5c and 119.5c a litre.

“Compared to prices in some states our fuel prices are higher, but it has been holding steady here at around 116.5 to 119.5, so that’s positive for motorists,” Mr Hill said.

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