Verulam resident was overwhelmingly lucky to escape uninjured – and, somehow, still alive – after he was caught up in a ‘huge explosion’ captured on CCTV at a local petrol station.

The incident took place just after 15:00 on Monday 16 November. A bakkie pulls up at the pumps, and the driver begins filling a tractor tyre in the back of the vehicle with air. However, things go very wrong, very quickly. The tyre explodes with ferocious force, flipping the passenger out of the vehicle. Patrol unit RUSA were at the scene when the accident happened:

“A Ford Ranger bakkie was extensively damaged after a tractor tyre exploded while being filled with air at a service station in Verulam, KZN. A member of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) was on patrol in the area when he heard the explosion.

“It was established that the driver of the Ford Ranger was in the process of filling the air in a tractor tyre that was loaded at the rear of his bakkie when the explosion occurred. The windows of the vehicle shattered, and the back was destroyed.”

RUSA statement


The force of the blast ripped through the body of the bakkie, and fortunately, it didn’t disrupt any other vehicles at the scene. In terms of ‘explosions at petrol stations’, we’re probably looking at the reasonable best-case scenario here. Not a single injury was reported for anyone on the forecourt – the only casualty was the Ford Ranger itself.

This image, captured by RUSA, shows the extent of the damage caused by the blast. Taillights, windows, and the bodywork were all hammered by this explosion. But most importantly, there were no human costs to report – Photo: Reaction Unit South Africa / Facebook

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