Brisbane and Sydney motorists are being urged to fill up now as petrol prices are set to soar before the start of the weekend.

Fuel watchers at CommSec believe bowser prices in both major capital cities have hit the bottom of the discounting cycle, with some pump stations in Sydney already advertising prices higher than a $1.48 a litre.

But CommSec senior economist Ryan Felsman said some petrol stations in Sydney’s west and south west are still promoting prices below $1 per litre.

The average fuel price in Sydney is currently discounted by 9.9 cents to 108.7 cents a litre, while Brisbane’s average price is discounted by 11.4 cents to 116.1 cents a litre.Petrol prices are expected to soar in both Brisbane and Sydney this weekend. Photo Lachie Millard

Australia’s national average is currently sitting at 119.8 cents per litre.

“Brisbane and Sydney motorists should fill up their tanks as soon as possible to beat fuel price hikes,” Mr Felsman said.

“Average retail unleaded pump prices have fallen by around 30 cents a litre over the past three weeks and today sit at 111.90 cents a litre (Brisbane) and 106.70 cents a litre (Sydney), according to real-time fuel app MotorMouth.”

Pump prices in Melbourne are currently fetching an average of 139.1 cents per litre, while Hobart and Canberra median prices are 123.2 and 121 cents per litre, respectively.

Perth’s average petrol price is sitting at 117.1 cents per litre and Adelaide fuel prices are 103.9 cents per litre.

Darwin fuel prices are roughly 117.1 cents per litre.

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