uel giant Ampol opened its third electric car ultra-fast charger at a service station forecourt on Friday at Seven Hills in Sydney.

Part of a pilot being rolled out in collaboration with DC fast charging network provider Evie Networks, the Seven Hills site consists of two 350kW ultra-rapid fast charger made by Brisbane-based Tritium, that can add up to 400km driving range to a compatible  electric car in 15 minutes.

“We are pleased to open our third electric vehicle (EV) charging site in Seven Hills, New South Wales – part of a pilot where EV stations are being rolled out to select Ampol-owned locations across Australia’s east coast,” stated Ampol in a post on Linked In.

Ampol – the 90-year-old Australian oil brand which Caltex Australia resurrected in June after it was buried 25 years ago – first announced it had signed on to add electric car charging to its forecourts in a deal with Evie Networks in June.

Ampol is yet to rename its service stations – they are still branded under the Caltex logo. Its first site was opened in June at Avenel, 129km north of Melbourne, followed by Taree, 326km north of Sydney.

evie seven hills

The Seven Hills site is the second charging location opened by Evie Networks in as many weeks – in

November, the charging company opened a 50kW site (not part of the Ampol deal) at the new Caddens Corner shopping centre.

“The pilot – being delivered in partnership with Evie Networks who are building an ultra-fast EV charging network connecting Cairns to Adelaide – provides an opportunity to test how EV charging can be integrated into a traditional service station forecourt,” says Ampol.

“Ampol’s national network of retail sites, close to existing high-traffic road infrastructure in metropolitan areas and along Australia’s major highways, makes us uniquely placed to play a key role in the delivery of EV charging,” said Ampol.

Extracted in full from: https://thedriven.io/2020/12/01/ampol-opens-third-electric-car-ultra-rapid-charger-at-petrol-station/