Australian jet fuel sales extended their recovery in October from its Covid-19-affected April low, rising from the previous month and the six consecutive month of increases, albeit at low rates and still substantially below a year earlier.

Total jet fuel sales in October rose from September and less than a third of October 2019, according to Australian Petroleum Statistics (APS) data.

The recovery in jet fuel sales was more pronounced in domestic flights where sales were around 88pc above their long-term low of 12,300 b/d in April, which was the first full month after Australia’s federal and state governments imposed Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Jet fuel sales for international flights departing Australia were 27pc above their low long-term lows struck in April and around a quarter of the monthly consumption average for 2019.

The slump in Australian jet fuel sales has seen domestic refineries dramatically reduce their production of jet fuel. Output in October was 13pc of total sales and 10pc of average monthly output for 2019.

By Kevin Morrison

Australia jet fuel sales(b/d)
DomesticInternationalTotalRefinery outputJet fuel imports
Oct ’2023,08825,44148,5296,26928,911
Sep ’2022,93524,46547,40010,73439,856
Oct ’1960,80399,067159,87056,340119,226
Jan-Oct ’2029,02843,21272,24019,89349,492
Jan-Oct ’1959,466101,029160,49867,202101,217
Source: APS

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