Australia’s three domestic payment organisations, eftpos, BPAY Group and New Payments Platform Australia (NPPA) have today announced their intention to amalgamate, creating a stronger, unified entity (“NewCo”). In a release representatives have stated that NewCo will aim to reduce costs, increase innovation and efficiency, and be better able to compete with the growing scale of overseas multinational payment platforms.

The proposal was made by an Industry Committee comprising 13 mutual shareholders and eftpos members across the three entities. The Committee was established following the RBA’s Review of Retail Payments Regulation Issues Paper, which noted consolidation of some domestic payment groups should be considered. After a four-month period of deliberation, the Committee unanimously supported the amalgamation proposal.

Industry Committee Chairman, Robert Milliner, said a new, strong entity is needed to shape payments in Australia and provide sustainable competition to global payment companies for the benefit of local consumers and businesses:

“An efficient, innovative and competitive Australian payments system is vital for consumers and businesses, both large and small. The model proposed will enable us to adapt faster to the changing trends of the digital economy, while preserving and strengthening the components of our payments system that so many Australians value and rely on.

“eftpos, BPAY Group and the NPPA provide Australians with reliable, safe and affordable payments options every single day. Working together towards common goals, they can unlock incredible value, invest more in innovation and realise cost-savings that will ultimately benefit the Australian public.”

eftpos, BPAY Group and NPPA will be preserved as distinct operations in a new combined entity with a single Board which will determine a NewCo management structure. Customers will continue to have access to the existing payments methods they know and trust; including BPAY, Osko, eftpos, Beem It and PayID. Each entity will continue to have its own operating governance and management

The announcement today comes with note that formal authorisation application will be filed with the ACCC in March 2021. The application will
provide full details of the proposal and rationale. It will be made publicly available and subject to broad public consultation before the ACCC makes a determination within 90 days.