Petrol prices are falling in several capitals cities across Australia ahead of Christmas Day.

Perth has a seven-day cycle and for motorists looking to save, today is the time to fill the tank with petrol.

The average price for a litre of petrol in Perth today is 106.4¢. The lowest is 101.9¢.

Tomorrow the average price in Perth will jump 35¢ to 137¢ with a lowest price of 102.7¢

“Perth has a seven-day cycle and Tuesday will be the cheapest day in Perth,” National Roads and Motorists Association spokesman Peter Khoury said.

“Wednesday will be the most expensive. So fill up on Tuesday if you can.”

7-Eleven in Morley is selling the cheapest petrol today at 101.9, with Costco at Perth Airport next best at 102.7¢.

The cheapest fuel in country WA is at Liberty Pinjarra at 101.9, while United in Albany is selling it for 103.9¢ and Caltex in West Busselton for 114.9¢.

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