GOLD Coast service stations have been selling petrol for almost 50 cents more than the fair fuel price outlined by the state’s peak motoring body in the lead-up to Christmas.

The fair fuel price for unleaded in the city was 104.9 cents per litre and the price for diesel was 118.9 on Thursday morning, according to RACQ.

Some petrol stations are selling unleaded at almost 50c above the fair fuel price.

But some stations are selling unleaded for 151.9, which is 47c above the fair fuel price, and diesel for 127.9, which is 9c above the fair fuel price.

RACQ has already warned Gold Coast motorists will likely pay top dollar at the pump for fuel this Christmas, despite shopping around.

Prices will likely peak to at an average of between 144-148 cents per litre days before Christmas, RACQ spokeswoman Lauren Ritchie said.

“Expensive fuel isn’t on anyone’s Christmas list but as we’re in the hike phase of the cycle now, it’s likely that’s what’ll be in our stockings in the days before December 25,” she said.

RACQ has warned motorists to fill up now or face a frustrating price hike come Christmas.RACQ has warned motorists to fill up now or face a frustrating price hike come Christmas.

“With plenty of Queenslanders taking festive season road trips our advice is to fill up the tank now because last cheap fuel will disappear fast.

“Across southeast Queensland motorists should be aiming to fill up for 110 cents per litre.”

Ms Ritchie said seven per cent of Coast outlets had already hiked prices above 1.45.

“This is why it’s so important motorists don’t delay filling up where they find a good deal, and by doing some homework they can locate the cheapest place to fill the tank,” she said.

“Some retailers are charging as much as 151.9 cents per litre for ULP but fuel for less than 110 cents per litre can still be found. At this time of year we’d all rather a few extra dollars in our pockets, so jump on apps, like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder to make sure you’re not coming across a Grinch at the bowser.”

Prices may drop between Christmas and the new year as the southeast experiences a “discounting phase”.

“Make sure you’re shopping savvy and plan where you’re going to fill up so you don’t end up paying more than you have to,” Ms Ritchie said.

The price of fuel is in a state of constant flux, depending on the point in the price cycle.

Service stations make varying profits and the Federal Government also takes a chunk of costs via GST and Australian Government fuel excise. The average tax on a litre of unleaded is 53.5 cents per litre, including 11.2c GST and 42.3c excise.

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