Drivers have been hit with a parking fine of £100 for using a petrol station and car wash in Wythenshawe – ‘for more than 15 minutes’.

Local residents who have used the BP garage on Rowlandsway in the town centre say they have been hit with the hefty fine after using the jet wash facility or petrol pumps.

A sign – which drivers claim is difficult to spot – states that fines will be given to those who spend more than 15 minutes at the petrol station.

But many people say they’ve been issued with a letter through the post after spending no more than 10 minutes washing their car, or checking their tyre pressure.

Others have questioned why anyone should be fined a ‘parking fine’ for using a paid-for facility such as a car wash, or for filling a car with petrol.

A sign which tells drivers they can only park for 15 minutes (Image: ABNM Photography)

Victoria Murphy, 43, claims she used the car wash for around 10 minutes on November 23 before receiving a parking fine seven days later.

The letter, which was sent by Euro Car Parks, states Victoria had been at the petrol station from 11.03am until 11.44am – something she disputes.

“There is no way I left at 11.44am because I only spent around 10 minutes getting my car washed,” she said, speaking to the M.E.N.

“I received a fine of £100 which is reduced to £60 if you pay it within 14 days.

“I have already emailed the company to appeal but they say it can take up to 35 days for them to reply which will take me over the £60 mark so I can’t win either way.

“It doesn’t make sense.”

Victoria claims she did not see the sign stating drivers shouldn’t be parked for more than 15 minutes, but claims the rule is too harsh – particularly at busy times.

“Even if you were just getting petrol, they have to factor in that there is usually a queue there at busy times, which isn’t anyone’s fault,” she said.

The parking fine issued to Victoria Murphy (Image: MEN Media)

“You should not be penalised for using a car wash or filling your car up at a petrol station. I could understand if you were parking there and then going to use the Civic Centre.

“I am not paying for it. I paid £5 for the car wash and it has ended up costing £105 – that’s the most expensive car wash ever.”

Victoria posted about her experience on a local Facebook group, and said she was met with dozens of replies from people who had experienced the same issue.

Sharron Chant said her son was also sent a parking fine from Euro Car Parks after he attempted to use the jet wash at the BP garage.

“He had to queue for fuel as 6pm is very busy, and he went to pay and bought a token for the jet wash,” she said.

“He got half way through and the jet wash broke so he had to queue again for another token. He washed his car and then left.

“We have received a £100 charge for ‘parking’ for more than 15 minutes.

Many people say they’ve been charged for using the car wash at the garage (Image: ABNM Photography)

“The letter states it is a car park! They have water, air for tyres, jet wash and a shop that sells Costa Coffee and of course fuel,” she said.

“Giving people 15 minutes is absolutely ridiculous and they are frightening people.

Another man said he was fined for spending more than 15 minutes at the petrol station, after he had to queued to use the jet wash.

He doesn’t dispute that he spent longer than the advertised time, but said that using the vacuum to hoover the car, along wish washing it, would take him over the time limit if he was to do it thoroughly.

Europarks have been contacted by the Manchester Evening News for comment but have not responded.

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