Fuel in Maitland is reasonable at the moment with the Australian Institute of Petroleum reporting the average retail price of petrol this week at 119.8.

The average petrol wholesale price was 108.9 cents.

With prices at the bowser in Maitland hovering around the 107.9 to 114.9 mark, it made the cost of fuel in Newcastle look expensive with many outlets fixed on 121.9 per litre.

According to the fuel price watch app Petrol Spy, Maitland’s cheapest fuel was at Rutherford where E10 was priced today (Tuesday, January 12) at 107.9 at 7-Eleven, Puma and Woolworths Caltex service stations.

Other prices across the city included:

.Woolworths Caltex Green Hills 107.7 (E10).

. East Maitland United, Newcastle Road 109.7 (E10).

. Quinn’s Melbourne Street East Maitland 109.9 (U91).

. Caltex East Maitland Cnr William Street and Newcastle Road 109.7 (U91).

. United Maitland Les Darcy Drive 107.7 (E10).

. Coles Express High Street Maitland 112.9 (E10).

. Woolworths Caltex Ken Tubman Drive Maitland 110.9 (E10).

. Telarah Fuel 114.9 (U91).

. Coles Express New England Highway Rutherford 112.9 (U91).

. Caltex New England Highway Rutherford 109.7 (U91).

. BP New England Highway Rutherford 109.9 (U91).

Extracted in full from: https://www.maitlandmercury.com.au/story/7083219/where-to-find-maitlands-cheapest-fuel/