Following a Christmas and New Year period that saw the NSW contact tracing team frustrated by lack of access, lack of consistency and lack of fidelity in the various contact tracing records of businesses when facing local outbreaks changes were made to require many businesses to use the NSW Government COVIDCheck-In app. While this requirement does not yet extend to all businesses, there has been a strong plea for all businesses in all industries in NSW to use and encourage the use of the NSW Government COVIDCheck-In app.

The local outbreaks over the Christmas and New Years period were responded to quickly by the NSW contact tracing team. However, closed businesses, lack of contact from electronic check in providers, inconsistent information and false information has severely frustrated and have taken precious time from the contact tracers. This frustration has led to an expansion of the mandated use of the NSW Govt COVIDCheck-In app to all hairdressers and hospitality venues and an urgent plea to all other businesses to utilize the app, and to encourage their customers to use it.

ACAPMA understands that it is likley that additional industries will be added in due course if the pleas are not answered.

ACAPMA strongly suggests that all NSW members utilise thier NSW Govt COVIDCheck-In app, direct thier staff to check in and check out, and make the check in code prominetly available for customers to use.

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