Townsville’s petrol prices dropped to their lowest levels in three years in 2020 with a new report from the RACQ showing how the region compares with the rest of Queensland.

The average price for regular unleaded petrol in Townsville during 2020 was 120.5 cents per litre, dropping significantly from 140.6 cents per litre in 2019 and 148.7 in 2018. The average price for diesel was 126.4 cents per litre in 2020 down from 146.5 in 2019 and 148.6 in 2018. The average cost of both regular unleaded and diesel fuel were lower in 2017.

Fuel prices across regional Queensland were cheaper than those in southeast Queensland almost across the board in 2020 as a tumultuous year was reflected at the bowser.

RACQ spokeswoman Vivien O’Connor said prices dropped more than 40 cents per litre between January and June.

“We also saw the return of fuel for less than a dollar per litre, (which) is a huge drop,” she said.

“We haven’t seen these prices for 11 years so that is a huge saving for motorists.

“Prices dropped for a number of reasons, we of course saw COVID-19 so the global oil price dropped significantly due to lockdown and people travelling less, and at the same time we also saw a price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia.”

Miles, west of Brisbane took out the title of cheapest place to fill up in regional Queensland with an average price of 112.3 cents per litre.

Mount Isa was the most expensive in Queensland with an average 146.8 cents per litre.

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