Contractors can now register expressions of interest (EOIs) for a range of works related to Australia’s Defence Fuel Transformation Project (DFTP).

The DFTP aims to transform the Defence Fuel Network (DFN), which procures, stores, distributes and dispenses fuel for military assets throughout Australia and overseas.

The DFTP would be a highly mobile infrastructure that would help deliver a safer and simpler DFN, and the Commonwealth of Australia is looking to collaborate with industry to identify and deliver improved solutions for the project.

CIMIC Group company UGL is currently tendering to be the Integrated Managing Contractor (IMC) for the DFTP system, which if successful would make it accountable for the design and delivery of all project elements.

EOI submissions can now be made on a number of work packages on the project, including pigging system catcher and launcher, mooring lines, general power storage solutions, lay flat pipeline, manifold, interconnecting pipework and more.

The EOIs will inform the sourcing of products and services once the IMC contract has been won.

The Commonwealth expects to award a multi-year IMC contract in 2022.

For more information visit the ICN Gateway website.

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