Toowoomba motorists are paying through the teeth at the bowser right now, with the state’s fuel watchdog saying prices are 20 cents higher than a “fair” rate.

Motoring advocacy organisation RACQ has revealed the average price of petrol in Toowoomba has jumped by to 147.2 cents per litre, with more than five servos selling it at nearly $1.60.

A fair price for fuel in the city is currently 126cpl, according to RACQ Fair Fuel Finder.

Spokeswoman Vivien O’Connor said more than half of service stations had experienced a price hike over the past three weeks.

“The latest average price of unleaded petrol in Toowoomba is 147.2 cents per litre, after soaring by 23cpl in the last three days,” she said.

“This sudden hike is further evidence that a price cycle is developing Toowoomba, similar to what we see in the cities and metropolitan areas in the south east.

“Price cycles are a function of competitive markets and prices usually fluctuate by about 30 to 40 cents per litre over the space of three to four weeks.”

The Metco service station on Russell St currently has the cheapest fuel in the Garden City at 119.9cpl, and there are several other stops with prices below $1.25.

Ms O’Connor said motorists should prioritise filling up at cheaper locations to incentivise fuel companies to drop their prices.

“The message to motorists in Toowoomba at the moment is to shop around as there’s never been a more important time to fill up at the cheapest locations to help drive competition,” she said.

“At the moment there is about a 40cpl difference between the most expensive sites and the cheapest site.

“Filling up for the cheapest price will help keep prices lower for longer, it’s also a reward to retailers who are doing the right thing.

“Use apps like RACQ Fair Fuel Finder to make sure you’re not being ripped off at the bowser because there may be cheaper fuel around the corner.”

The State Government requires fuel companies to disclose their prices for the public to use.

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