A STUNNED dad has told of his delight after his pregnant wife gave birth in the front seat of his jeep in a scene “like something out of The Snapper”.

Mum-of-five Naomi Galvin, 27, miraculously gave birth to baby Ellie with her feet up on the dashboard outside an Applegreen petrol station in Co Kildare on Wednesday night.

The chaotic scene unfolded as her long-term partner John Feane was frantically trying to reach the Coombe Hospital in Dublin but was forced to pull in just ten minutes into the hour-long journey in Carragh after realising they were not going to make it to the hospital.

John, 32, told the Irish Sun: “It was like something out of The Snapper – you know ‘red alert, red alert’.

“When we got into the car we very naively thought we would make it to the hospital – you know when a lady goes into a labour you just feel you’re going to get there.

“It was an ordinary day up until then. Myself and Naomi were actually already up in the Coombe just getting checked up.


“Ellie was a little late, Naomi was three days over, so we were just going up to have a check to see what was going on and make a game plan on what we were going to do next.

“We live quite a bit away from the Coombe, about a 55 minute drive, and by the time we got home Murphy’s Law started to come into place.

“I got a flat tyre on the way back so I dropped everyone home, got the car sorted, came back and it was all systems go then.

“The neighbour came in to look after our other guys and we made a beeline for the Coombe but unfortunately we only got to the next village – not even ten minutes from our house.

“I was already on the phone to the National Ambulance Service (NAS) saying: ‘You’ve got to meet me somewhere, this lady’s not going to make it anywhere close to the Coombe’ – and we didn’t.

“So we came to the conclusion we’d stop at the Applegreen in Carragh, in the lit up area so it’d be easy for them to find us.

“So then I got clued into what was going to happen so I got towels and got the laces out of the shoe (to tie the umbilical cord) just in case she came before the ambulance arrived.”


Chief Ambulance Officer with the NAS Richard Quinlan was the first at the scene at the Kildare petrol station and by the time the second responder Janette Oman Power arrived 10 minutes later, the decision was made for Naomi to give birth in the front of the car.

John continued: “The emergency paramedic (Richard) arrived first, jumped into in the jeep and got everything set up as quick as possible and I gave him a hand.

“Backup arrived then around 10 minutes but by the time they arrived it was time to push.

“Naomi had her two feet up on the dash and the paramedic said ‘right let’s do this, you’re safe’ and it was the safest option to do at the time and they were outstanding.

“So they made the decision to have my lovely daughter in the front of my lovely jeep and the rest is history.”

Describing the scene, hero NAS member Richard said: “At the time I was on the M7 and the National Emergency Operation Centre called me, advising me there had been an emergency call at the Applegreen in Carragh.

“I responded immediately and headed for the scene a little after 6pm. It was approximately 10 to 15 minutes at the most [before Ellie was born].

“John was assisting Naomi as best he could and then when the second officer arrived it was imminent that the baby was coming.

“We had a lot of hands at that stage, a full resuscitation kit, all of the equipment except for a warm ambulance and that was the biggest concern at the time. “


Incredibly, Ellie’s dramatic entrance into the world at exactly 6.20pm on Wednesday evening went without a hitch and the newborn is now doing fantastic in the Coombe Hospital.

John told us: “They looked after Ellie then in the ambulance, made sure she was okay to go, made sure she was breathing and she was thankfully, there were no issues with Ellie.

“There were a few issues with Naomi giving her a bit of pain relief, getting her ready for the journey.

“It was spilling rain, everyone was soaking wet so we were just focusing on getting them all warm and getting them to the Coombe.

“I got a brief stint in with them at the Coombe due to the restrictions in place – it was a bit of a a dash and splash with them.

“It was a quick rush in, see how they were and made sure Naomi was okay.

“She was in shock about the whole scenario, she was like ‘oh my God I gave birth to a baby in the car’. But she’s brilliant, Ellie is fantastic – the two of them are flying.

Extracted in full from: https://www.thesun.ie/news/6514567/dad-baby-born-kildare-jeep-kildare-petrol-station-snapper/