As Indians are grappling under skyrocketing prices of petrol, some are flocking to neighbouring countries to get their fuel supply at cheap rates.

Acknowledging the cross-border fuel smuggling, Nepal has capped fuel supply. 

Any vehicle from India in border areas will now be allowed to get only 100 litres of petrol or diesel.

While the prices of petrol and diesel touched Rs 100 at some places in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, this situation is turning out to be a money making business for mafias active on the borders of India and Nepal.

Rampant smuggling

The smuggling of petrol and diesel is taking place in areas adjoining the Nepal border with people going to Nepal on bikes and bicycles, and coming back with gallon cans filled with fuel to villages in West Champaran district.

Open borders leading to fuel smuggling

Reports of smuggling of fuel emerged from over two dozen villages like Bhiritarwa, Basantpur, Semarwari, Bhaluwahiya, Bhagha located on the India-Nepal border. These are unchecked places due to the open borders between the two countries. The prices of petrol and diesel are much lower in Nepal compared to India.

According to an official, the price of petrol in Nepal is Rs 111.20 (Nepalese Rs) which is equal to Rs 69.50 in Indian currency. Similarly, the price of diesel in Nepal is Rs 94.20 (Nepalese Rs) equivalent to Rs 58.88 in Indian currency.

Due to such illegal practices, the sale of petrol and diesel at petrol pumps located at these places in India has declined sharply. Hence, petrol pump owners are complaining to the district administration about smuggling of fuel.

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