A $32 million development, featuring a service station, food and drink outlet and retail hub, has been proposed opposite the site of a future landmark.

Applicant CCCT Pty Ltd put forward plans to the Toowoomba Regional Council last week for a major mixed-use precinct on Old Mort St in Cranley.

The 7800 sqm mixed-use precinct is located directly opposite where the State Government is planning to build the new Toowoomba Hospital, is just south of the Toowoomba Bypass and borders the planned George Weston Foods housing estate to the east.

According to the planning report by Place Design Group, the developer wants to reconfigure the land from two lots into three and build a 24-hour service station and attached food outlet with 21 car parks, along with a set of eight showrooms designed to host bulky goods retailers like furniture and appliance sellers.

The retail section would also include nearly 190 car parks.

The application featured an attached economic needs assessment report by Think Economics, which concluded the development’s combined annual turnover would be in excess of $32 million.

“There is clear and overwhelming need for additional bulky goods retail supply in the main trade area to meet the needs of local residents,” the report said.

“The proposed bulky goods retail development onsite provides an appropriate response to these need conditions based on the overall scale of 7500 sqm, as well as the scale of individual tenancies which will support a range of bulky goods operators to align with local demand and needs.

“The 7500 sqm of bulky goods onsite is estimated to achieve a turnover of $30m based on average turnover rates for the industry.

“The proposed food and drink outlet will offer convenience, accessibility and amenity in the local area that is currently lacking.

The proposed 234 sqm of food and drink outlet onsite will generate turnover of approximately $2.3m based on average turnover rates for the industry.

“This turnover will be derived from a combination of local growth in demand ($1.1m annually within the primary sector) and a redistribution of expenditure from existing food and drink outlets.”

Also attached were reports into landscaping, traffic management, engineering and stormwater.

The council has yet to respond with an information request.

Extracted in full from: https://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/development/service-station-and-showrooms-proposed-to-toowoomba-regional-council-for-land-opposite-future-toowoomba-hospital-site/news-story/fc5d5b3fe3bcdf27f2064170c271e47d