POLICE in Malaga have reunited a father with his seven-year-old daughter after he reportedly left her behind at a petrol station.

The father is said to have driven off from a petrol station in Laz Pedrizas, Malaga, without realising his daughter was not in the car, before the pair were later reunited by police.

The incident took place after the man stopped for petrol in Las Pedrizas on the AP-46 before driving for several kilometres and realising his daughter was not with him.

The police were called in after the girl went into the station crying and told staff she was on her own.

The employee called the emergency services and officers from the Local Police came out, talking to the girl and trying to find out what had happened.

Soon afterwards the girl’s father came back to the station, explaining he had driven off without realising she was not in the car and had come straight back to get her.

Officers carried out checks to make sure the man was the girl’s father, before handing her back to the man.

According to media reports, the man had been out with his 14-year-old son and the seven-year-old girl and was driving back to Benalmadena.

When he stopped for petrol, the man says he told the children to stay in the car but the girl reportedly got out and started playing outside without anyone noticing.

When he drove off, neither he nor the son realised the girl was not in the car, and the pair reportedly realised their mistake and turned back around after a few kilometres.

Extracted in full from: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2021/02/23/father-leaves-daughter-at-malaga-petrol-station/