Footage shows the shocking moment a petrol station employee kicked and beat a suspected shoplifter with a huge stick. The incident was filmed at a Little Waitrose Shell garage in Muswell Hill, north London. In the clip, two petrol station employees are seen arguing with an alleged thief about a bag which they claim he has stolen. One of the garage staff brandishes a long stick as they quarrel with the man.

The two staff members then proceed to throw him out of the petrol station – with one of the employees kicking the assumed shoplifter from behind. The pair chase the man away from the garage

As they do so, the petrol station employee grabs the huge stick from his colleague and beats the alleged thief with the makeshift weapon.

It is unknown when the incident took place but the video is believed to be recent – with the footage being uploaded by UB1UB2 on social media yesterday night. Waitrose said that although they supplied the station with some products, the shop was run by an independent retailer. Shell said in a statement: ‘We are aware of this incident at Shell Little Waitrose Muswell Hill and are actively investigating the situation with the Retailer. ‘We are appalled and in no way condone this behaviour as the safety of our customers and staff is of the upmost importance to Shell.’ The Metropolitan Police has been contacted for comment.

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