Fuel Me is the first-of-its-kind cloud-based technology platform that allows customers in the commercial transportation and construction industries to purchase fuel and receive emergency roadside assistance services with the click of a button.

“Unlike anything else in the market, Fuel Me simplifies the entire fuel procurement process, allowing customers to manage all purchases on a single platform, optimizing operations and administrative procedures, while providing extensive cost and time savings,” said Fuel Me CEO Carlo Passacantando.

This revolutionary platform leverages decades of combined experience in the direct fueling distribution industry, with a leadership team that has worked for the likes of Chevron, BP, Clark Products, and Mansfield selling to large nationwide corporate clients such as UPS, CSX, and Rexel. Having gained an overarching understanding of the industry, the Fuel Me team realized that the fuel procurement process was extremely antiquated and inefficient. Recognizing the need for more efficient technologically advanced management tools, Fuel Me developed a truly innovative and disruptive technology solution.

Fuel Me understands the demands placed on job sites today as keeping equipment and machinery fueled at multiple sites and with stringent development timelines is a painstaking process for contractors. In fact, with no real time visibility, it’s estimated that 70% of U.S. job sites go over budget on fuel spend. The Fuel Me platform offers never-before-available real-time visibility and accounting reconciliation, that in the past, would take 30+ days from fuel delivery to invoicing, eliminating the need for outdated clipboards and excel sheets. Fuel Me is the ideal solution to help contractors and construction companies successfully manage numerous job sites, saving them time, money, and administrative workload.

Fuel Me also provides exceptional benefits to truck drivers and companies operating large trucking fleets. At present, there are 3 million Long Haul trucks on the road in the U.S. and not enough truck stops, creating increasingly challenging fueling problems for truckers. Long lines at overly congested truck stops result in average stopping times that often exceed 1 hour and according to the U.S. Transportation Department, a 15-minute increase in dwell-time raises a truck’s expected crash rate by 6.2%. Along with increased accident risk, these stop times result in higher costs per gallon of up to $0.40.

Fuel Me, in partnership with Truck Park, secured contracts with hundreds of private parking locations nationwide, guaranteeing customers parking spaces for diesel fuel servicing while trucks are stopped for mandatory resting hours (8 hours of rest for every 11 hours of transit). Called the “Door Dash of Diesel” by CDL Life, Fuel Me is providing nationwide fueling services to customers and reducing accident risk for operators—all while saving time and money.

The Fuel Me app guarantees competitive pricing and excellent service through Fuel Me’s reliable nationwide network of over 30,000 approved vendors, while allowing users to manage all their orders in one place and in real time with GPS tracking from start to finish. “Whether you’re in need of fuel to run your excavator on your job site or you’re a driver filling up your tank, Fuel Me is the answer everyone has been waiting for,” said Passacantando. In the same way that Uber disrupted transportation and Amazon revolutionized the consumer industry, Fuel Me is ready to transform the fuel procurement industry from a painstaking process to a seamless experience.

Extracted in full from: https://aithority.com/it-and-devops/cloud/fuel-me-announces-launch-of-innovative-cloud-based-fuel-purchasing-and-roadside-assistance-app/