A petrol attendant, Tshwaro Petrus, became an instant social media celebrity and the toast of the town this week after averting a fire explosion at a Shell filling station in Tsabong.

In a daring act of bravery, the 31-year-old Petrus acted swiftly and drove to safety, a Toyota Wish sedan, that had caught fire at the fuel station.LOCAL HERO:  Tshwaro Petrus

LOCAL HERO: Tshwaro Petru

In an interview with The Voice Online, Petrus explained that the driver of the car had stepped out, leaving two passengers in the car when it caught fire. “I realized this when I was still helping another customer. I then immediately jumped into the car and drove it further away from the filling station. By that time the whole car had already been engulfed by flames, that was when we put the fire off with fire extinguishers. At the moment we don’t know what really caused the fire,” he said modestly, adding that he was rewarded with P500.00 for his brave act.

The Shell fuel station Manager, Masego Sedimonyane, was reluctant to comment on the incident as she said police investigations were still underway.

Tsabong Police Station Commander, Superintendant Christopher David, confirmed the incident and said when his officers arrived at the scene the fire had already been extinguished. “We can not really tell what caused the fire. Allegations that the fire started because the owner was using his cellphone are not true. The car is not badly damaged as people say. Only the mat in the boot caught fire,” he said noting that they are yet to complete investigations.

Extracted in full from: https://news.thevoicebw.com/2021/03/petrol-attendant-averts-fire-explosion-at-filling-station/