Easter and fuel price hikes go hand-in-hand, but the jump predicted to set in this holiday period is leaving experts ‘mystified’.

Holiday makers look set to be slugged with higher fuel prices during the Easter break, with some stations jacking prices up to 169.9 cents per litre on Tuesday afternoon.

While most operators in Geelong had prices set at around 129 cents per litre on Tuesday, Coles in North Geelong was selling fuel for 169.9 cents per litre

RACV spokesman and vehicles senior engineer Nicholas Platt said similar price jumps were seen across the Melbourne metropolitan area.

“The most common price in Melbourne today is 169.9 cents per litre and we expect more service stations to raise to this price over the coming days,” he said.

He said most regional areas had not yet seen price jumps.

A spokesman for the ACCC said their research found public holiday spikes were a coincidence.

“When the ACCC has previously examined price movement during holiday periods we have found the size of price cycle increases before public holidays was, on average, no larger than the size of price increases at any other time of the year,” he said.

“Prices in Melbourne are currently increasing from near the bottom of the cycle, but if motorists shop around they may find some retailers that have not yet increased prices.

“The ACCC’s advice to all motorists about getting a better price for fuel is continue to shop around where possible and reward those retailers offering the best-priced fuel.”

APCO Geelong director Peter Anderson said he was “mystified” by the price increases.

“I am surprised as the increase … what I have seen some doing, I won’t be doing,” he said.

Mr Anderson said he expected it to be “very busy” across fuel station in coming days.

“This increase is going to spook everyone,” he said.

Extracted in full from: Geelong fuel prices: Easter petrol hikes strike city | Geelong Advertiser