North Parramatta man Jason Khalil was charged with supplying methylamphetamine (ice) after police busted him with the drugs, paraphernalia and Viagra under another man’s name at Ryde’s 7-Eleven service station.

He pleaded guilty to supplying drugs after initially telling police the 12.6.g of ice was just for him when they confronted him at the Blaxland Rd service station on March 16 last year.

Khalil, who is undergoing drug rehabilitation at a Port Stephens treatment centre, was sentenced at Burwood Local Court on Friday.

Court documents reveal the 36-year-old pulled up at the bowser and had a brief conversation with another man before he noticed police and went into the shop.

The other man denied the meeting was pre-organised “referring to their meeting to be a coincidence that they were at the same service station at 11pm on a Monday night, both some distances from their homes”, according to court documents.

When Khalil returned to his car, the court documents state he appeared nervous, “questioning police as to why they were speaking with him and insistent on just wanting to leave the location’’.

Jason Khalil had a stash of ice and drug paraphernalia. Picture: Facebook

Jason Khalil had a stash of ice and drug paraphernalia. Picture: Facebook

“No reason was or could be provided as to the reason for his attendance to the 7-Eleven service station other than to purchase a coffee.’’

But a search of his Toyota Corolla uncovered a stash of drugs in a black Ferrari bum bag on the front passenger seat.

The bag contained a cigarette packet stuffed with and three freezer bags that contained the ice, which Khalil admitted was his.

A set of silver scales, an ice pipe, a syringe and three sealed syringe tubes were also seized before a Viagra prescription in another man’s name, were found.

“The accused states he was given permission by the script owner to fill this prescription,’’ court papers state.

Two scripts for anti-inflammatory drug Diclofenac under a second name, were uncovered, with Khalil telling police his friend left them behind and he had no intention of filling the script.

Khalil denied the ice was for supplying.

“It’s for my personal use only, I’m not supplying, just possessing,’’ he said.

After being arrested and taken to Ryde police station, he admitted to owning the silver scales but a second set of black scales were left over by a friend. He had no comment about the ice in the freezer bags.

He was charged with supplying a prohibited drug greater than an indictable quantity but the initial charge of possessing a prohibited drug was dropped.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a nine-month intensive correction order.

He was ordered to report daily by phoning Raymond Terrace police station, continue drug rehabilitation treatment and his mother Jeanette posted a $100,000 surety for her son.

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