Exclusive blend roasts premium rivals in Golden Beans Awards

Coffee lovers around the country can now enjoy one of the most-awarded coffees in Australia as judged at the largest coffee roasters competition and conference in the world[1] for only $1, following a multimillion-dollar investment by Coles Express in cutting-edge automated espresso machines and a new bean blend.

Developed in partnership with Melbourne-based coffee roaster Aurigin, Coles Express’ Urban Coffee Culture blend beat major Australian coffee roasters to take home more awards than any other coffee at the prestigious 2020 Golden Bean[2] competition, making it the most decorated coffee in the Petrol and Convenience market.

The newly-installed, Swiss-made machines mean Coles Express customers will be the only major servo coffee customers in Australia who can be their own barista and adjust the strength and style of their brew, from espresso to latte or even an iced coffee – a popular option during the warmer months.

With the Australian coffee market growing at 5% per year[3], Coles Express’ award-winning blend is fuelling Aussies’ love for servo coffee with weekly sales volumes increasing by up to 20% and a strong uplift in customer satisfaction since the rollout began.

Coles Express Executive General Manager Michael Courtney said Coles Express Urban Coffee Culture was resonating strongly with customers.

“When it comes to our convenience offer in stores, coffee is our number one seller and we’ve worked hard over the last year to invest in our coffee experience and make Coles Express the best destination for award winning coffee that customers can enjoy for only $1,” he said.

“Our coffee has won the most awards at the largest coffee roasters competition and conference in the world and the feedback we’re getting from customers really reflects this achievement as we’ve rolled out our new offer to more than 720 Coles Express locations across Australia.”

Melbourne’s Aurigin Coffee developed the aromatic Urban Coffee Culture blend specifically for Coles Express, with a rich, clean flavour featuring notes of chocolate, cocoa and toffee that pairs perfectly with 100% Australian fresh milk.

The blend is Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and has been developed to meet rigorous environmental, economic and social sustainability standards.

Aurigin’s coffee blend development expert and world barista judge Justin Metcalf said his team was proud of the market leading blend, crafted with 100% Arabica beans.

“Aurigin Coffee is one of Australia’s most experienced and qualified coffee teams. We have over 25 years of experience in coffee roasting and blending, and that’s provided the inspiration to create this delicious brew that’s now available for $1 a cup at Coles Express stores across the country,” he said.

Extracted in full from: https://www.miragenews.com/shell-coles-express-customers-fuel-up-on-award-523154/