Announcing that Tasmanian fuel prices are now lower than the national average the Tasmanian Government has pointed to the new Fuel Check TAS app for “delivering a more transparent and competitive retail fuel industry”.

From the Government – The Tasmanian Government remains committed to reducing the cost of living for all Tasmanians.

We understand that the price of fuel is a cause of frustration for many Tasmanians, and that is why our Government launched the ‘Fuel Check TAS’ app and website.

The ‘Fuel Check TAS’ app is available for free download at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. All Tasmanians are encouraged to download the free app.

The fuel price reporting scheme is delivering a more transparent and competitive retail fuel industry by helping Tasmanian motorists find the cheapest fuel in their area, in real time.

Under the scheme Tasmania adopted, fuel retailers are required to update their prices as soon as changes occur, providing a vastly enhanced level of transparency for consumers.

According to figures from the Australian Institute of Petroleum, the average price of unleaded petrol in Tasmania in February 2021 was 130.3 cents, similar to that in Victoria and slightly lower than the national average of 131.2 cents.

We acknowledge that Tasmania has followed the national trend, with fuel prices rising recently. However, we are confident that Fuel Check TAS is continuing to put downward pressure on fuel prices and improving price transparency for motorists.

Since real time fuel price reporting was introduced in Tasmania, motorists have reaped the benefits by saving significant amounts of money on fuel and I encourage all Tasmanian motorists to download the free Fuel Check TAS app.

As of February 2021, 258 service stations across the state are registered to update fuel prices to the public Fuel Check TAS website and there have been over 31,000 downloads of the app or visits to that website.

Our Government has made clear that should further action be required to support Tasmanians to access cheaper fuel prices, including the introduction of legislation, we will consider it.

Government Release –

Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM &IR)
Executive Manager Employment and Training