A white pick-up truck burst into flames after a customer at a petrol station attempted to remove the petrol hose from the car’s tank whilst fiddling with his mobile phone.

In footage obtained by Newsflash, the man who has not been identified, can be seen filling up his pick-up truck at the Total petrol station in central Mexico on March 22. 

The unnamed man can be seen filling up his truck whilst playing with his mobile phone.

The man appears to attempt to remove the petrol hose from the car with his mobile still in his hand.

As the phone makes contact with the gas tank, a flame shoots out and spreads. quickly engulfing the truck.

The man drops the petrol hose and backs away from the car whilst the flames grow.

The fire department was called to the scene and they successfully put the fire out before it could spread to other vehicles.

No one was injured but the man’s Chevrolet RAM 700 was completely destroyed by the fire.

Reportedly the vehicle belonged to the Education department of the local Guanajuato government.

Aurelio Cantu, Deputy Director of Civil Protection of the municipality of Ciudad Madero, stated in an interview with the local media outlet Milenio that using mobile phones is prohibited at petrol stations.

Cantu explained that small electrical charges given off by a mobile phone when it is receiving a call can spark a flame.

Cantu’s explanation for the fire has been contested with some sources such as the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) arguing that a mobile phone cannot cause a fire.

PEI does claim that a defective mobile phone battery could result in a spark that could ignite a fire.

No one was injured in the incident and the fire department took the opportunity to remind citizens to avoid using their mobile phones whilst filling up their cars.

Extracted in full from: Man’s careless act before petrol station explosion (yahoo.com)