Electric vehicle sales have completely skyrocketed in Queensland over the past several years, the growth continuing with a 140 per cent increase last year.

The surge in adoption comes as purchase and running prices continue to come down, making the vehicles an attractive choice for those on the market.

It’s resulted in a quiet revolution across the state, with 1,006 electric vehicles sold during the past financial year, more than double of that seen in the previous 12 months.

Jan McNichol, one of the state’s newest electronic drivers, said her decision to make the electric switch was not just about environmental impacts, but also helping reduce her running costs.

“I’m spending nothing on petrol – I just charge it off the roof.” Ms Nichol told 9News.

The average electric car costs just four cents a kilometre in energy use, compared to 14 cents a kilometre on petrol – chalking up a saving of $1560 a year.

The Queensland Government is also currently offering registration discounts for those taking up the electric mantle, with hybrid and electric vehicles attracting the state’s lowest vehicle registration, saving the average owner $70 a year.

Though despite electric car prices continuing to fall, the entry price point at the moment still sits around the $44,000 mark.

“While it does costs more to buy, they’re far cheaper to run – about a fifth of the price to run .” Behyad Jafari from the Electric Vehicle Council told 9News.

Some motorists are also concerned about “range anxiety” when it comes to alternative vehicles, but the average electric vehicle does about 480 kilometres on a single charge.

Queensland push for electric cars

And while figures show that 90 per cent of electric vehicle charging is done at home, Queensland has the longest electric vehicle highway globally, spanning 31 charging points from Coolangatta to Port Douglas.

The highway saw nearly 10,000 charging sessions last year, tripling numbers that were recorded in 2018 – with the most used stations being at Coolangatta and Helensvale on the Gold Coast, Hamilton in Brisbane and at Cairns.

Extracted in full from: Queensland sees 140% rise in electric vehicle sales (9news.com.au)