Hawke’s Bay Police are seeing a rise in thefts from orchards, commercial businesses and rural properties in the past few weeks.

Fuel and heavy-duty vehicle batteries are the main targets for thieves and Police have a number of cases they’re investigating in the Hawke’s Bay area.

Acting Detective Sergeant Steve Leonard says owners need to be aware and take precautions to protect their property and equipment as vehicles are being seriously damaged by offenders trying to gain access to the batteries and fuel.

“We urge people to be vigilant and to ensure their farm equipment and commercial vehicles are locked away out of sight.”

Security options for farmers to consider include installing CCTV or wireless alert systems which can activate an alarm in your house to alert you that someone is in your shed by alarm or light sensors.

These devices are highly effective and can even work in areas across some distance, where there is no cell coverage.

There are also satellite GPS devices available that can be installed covertly on items such as quad bikes and other machinery which can be tracked if they get stolen.

Satellite devices also do not require cell coverage to track.

Extracted in full from: Rise in fuel and battery theft in Hawke’s Bay | Mirage News