The RACQ has urged motorists to fill up service stations with low prices, after the cost at the bowser in Toowoomba hit a record high this week.

Toowoomba’s average fuel price hit its highest level on record this week, with the state’s motoring watchdog urging drivers to fill up at cheap servos.

The city’s median petrol price peaked on Wednesday at 164.2 cents per litre, which was up from the previous record of 160.7 cpl in October 2018.

This was a 28c increase from the previous week, while some outlets were selling fuel at an incredible 169.9 cpl.

RACQ spokeswoman Clare Hunter said Toowoomba motorists would likely see the average fuel price fall in the coming days.

“The average price is now sitting at around 163cpl, but many sites have kept their prices as high as 169.9cpl,” she said.

“Toowoomba has developed its own petrol price cycle, separate to south east Queensland, and is currently lagging the south east’s price cycle by a few days, so prices in Toowoomba should start to gradually fall.

“While Toowoomba is in the expensive phase of its price cycle with 69 per cent of service stations in Toowoomba selling petrol 155cpl or more, cheaper ULP is available, with 24 per cent of sites offering cheap fuel at 135cpl or less.”

Ms Hunter urged residents to use fuel finder apps and make a statement with their wallets.

“If Toowoomba motorists can find a cheap site they should fill up now, if they can’t they should hold off filling up, and make sure they’re using apps like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder to help locate the stations offering the best deals,” she said.

Currently, the cheapest fuel prices in Toowoomba are at Metco Petroleum on Russell St at 120.8 cpl, and the new Pearl Energy at Harlaxton, which has hit 125cpl.

Extracted in full from: Toowoomba unleaded fuel prices hit record highs as bowser cost jumps 28c in one week | The Chronicle