Two New Jersey men used more than 500 stolen debit cards to purchase $220,000 in diesel fuel for commercial truck drivers in exchange for cash payments, authorities said.

Alateef Perry, 43, of Newark, and Rajohn Dawkins, 25, of Irvington, each face up to five years in federal prison after being charged with conspiracy to commit access device fraud, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for New Jersey said Friday.

Perry and Dawkins met the drivers at stations across New Jersey from July 2019 to March 2020, prosecutors said. Investigators collected surveillance footage, receipts and interviewed victims to learn the pair swiped the debit cards to pay for fuel, authorities said. The drivers then paid Perry and Dawkins about 80% of the cost of the diesel in cash, court documents state.

Court papers don’t name the gas stations, but said one is in Hanover and one is in Middlesex Borough. At least one victim is from Georgia and one resides in Virginia.

Extracted in full from: Duo used stolen debit cards in $220K diesel fuel fraud scheme, authorities say –