BMW and Daimler have just sold a 33.3 per cent stake in their jointly owned EV charging company – Digital Charging Solutions GmbH – to British Petroleum (BP) as part of a deal to create 70,000 new charging stations worldwide by 2030.

The news comes as the charging firm announces its plans to expand its network in key markets across the globe.

Currently, Digital Charging Solutions provides charging services for BEV and PHEV BMWMercedes-Benz, and Mini customers in 32 countries at 228,000 stations.BMW X5 charging2

BP may not have that level of infrastructure in its arsenal right now, owning just 8700 charging stations at the time of writing, but the multinational oil and gas company’s electric vehicle charging network is the most popular in the UK.

The push for an increased electric vehicle charging infrastructure isn’t isolated to BMW, Daimler and BP either.

Just last month, Audi New Zealand and Swedish-Swiss multinational ABB announced a partnership to provide high-powered charging solutions for EV owners living in Auckland to help New Zealand achieve its goal of carbon-neutrality by 2050.

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