An alleged drug addict who told police he “will do anything”, has been accused of threatening Coles Express staff with a syringe to steal cigarettes and iced coffee.

The St Kilda man is alleged to have robbed a St Kilda Coles Express service station, threatening a lone worker with a syringe in March.

Jake Walker, 41, was charged with three counts of stealing, committing armed robbery while on bail and having a needle as an offensive weapon.

He appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates Court last month to have his bail application heard.

CCTV allegedly shows the St Kilda man walking into the store shirtless showing off his black Superman “S” tattoo on his chest, dragging a sleeping bag over his shoulders and wearing a black Adidas pants and red sneakers.

In a summary provided to the court police said Mr Walker was a heroin and ice addict and told police he would “do anything to get some”.

When interviewed by police about the robbery, Mr Walker allegedly admitted to taking drugs.

“I had red runners on, I’m wearing green, I was out partying all day and shooting up f—ing strawberries,” Mr Walker said.

The court heard Mr Walker went to a Coles Express on Barkley St at 1.05am on March 21.

While at the St Kilda service station he allegedly pulled out an uncapped syringe and told the staff member to give him the cigarettes he wanted.

The Coles Express worker gave him a $40 pack of cigarettes and before leaving the shop Mr Walker grabbed a bottle of Dare Iced Coffee.

He was arrested a short time later outside a 7-Eleven and was allegedly found wearing the clothes captured in the CCTV footage and carrying a pack of cigarettes.

Mr Walker has been released on bail and will return to the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court at a later date.

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