A United petrol station worker who assaulted two customers in a staffroom asked police not to tell his wife about the disgusting acts, a court has heard.

Sunny Miglani, 35, pleaded guilty in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court after targeting a 16-year-old girl and 37-year-old woman in vile attacks while on the job in 2019.

Former petrol station employee Sunny Miglani, 35, has fronted court after allegedly attacking two female customers. Picture: Facebook

The court heard the first victim rode her bicycle to the Crib Point service station to buy butter menthols on the morning of March 11, 2019 when Miglani, 33, pounced.

Miglani, of Hastings, asked the teen if she had a boyfriend, offering her a free chocolate bar if she joined him in the staff area.

Miglani told the girl there were “no cameras” in the room and that she would “not get in trouble”, adding that he did not want her to ride home in the rain.

The hesitant teen followed Miglani into the room before he ordered her to sit down, the court heard.

The girl pulled away as Miglani tried to hug her but the creep persisted, kissing her and touching her breasts.

“He made her feel extremely uncomfortable,” the prosecution said.

Miglani told his victim she was “cute” and offered her more items.


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The girl got up and left, discovering Miglani had liked her old photos on Facebook when she returned home.

Just four weeks later Miglani struck again, casting his eye on a 37-year-old woman who dropped in to buy cigarettes.

Miglani asked the woman if she smoked rolled cigarettes before offering her favourite products for free if she joined him in the staffroom.

The woman walked into a dimly lit room before Miglani stood closely behind her and put his arm around her waist.

“You want fun, you want f***?,” Miglani said.

“Are you f****** joking, you said you were getting me smokes,” the woman said as she broke free.

“You’re going to get me in trouble,” Miglani replied.

The court heard Miglani had made vile comments to the woman on at least five occasions before the incident, including stating that she was “pretty” and asking if she liked to “have fun”.

Miglani was arrested on May 15 and pleaded for police to not tell his wife.

Miglani’s lawyer said his client, who arrived in Australia from India with his wife in 2018, faced deportation if was jailed for longer than a year.

He is no longer employed at the petrol station and now works at a potato packing factory, the court heard.

“He carries a lot of shame and embarrassment … this doesn’t impact him but also his wife and wider community,” the defence said.

The prosecution said Miglani’s actions were reflective of “a degree of sexual entitlement.”

“He knew his behaviour was wrong … he further told police not to tell his wife,” the prosecution said.

The second victim told the court she was left feeling “angry” over the incidents which had exacerbated her depression and anxiety.

“It’s played a big part in my life,” she said.

Miglani, who is on bail and was supported by his wife in court, pleaded guilty to charges including false imprisonment.

Magistrate Luisa Bazzani ordered he be assessed for a corrections order before he returns for sentence on May 25.

Extracted in full from: Sunny Miglani: United petrol Crib Point attendant sex attacks | Herald Sun