A petrol station worker who helped the victim of an assault says he’s disgusted by the actions of the culprits.

Naina Ruawhare, 58, was working in the forecourt of the Feilding BP at the corner of Kimbolton Rd and Pharazyn St on Saturday night when he heard a man calling his name.

The man, stumbling towards Ruawhare, was desperately calling for help.

The 41-year-old had just been assaulted by four men from a passing car as he walked along North St towards the service station just before 9.30pm, a police media spokeswoman said.

Ruawhare said the man had just enough energy to drag himself to the forecourt before he collapsed.

He actually fell into my arms. I just laid him down and did what I could to help him.”

Another staff member inside the BP called emergency services as Ruawhare talked to the man, trying to keep him awake before St John and police arrived.

“He was not in a good way. He was really lucky to make it to us.”

While he cared for the man, a car filled with men, who Ruawhare believed to be the attackers, shouted abuse at them.

“I was very disgusted at how young men can do this to a guy not realising what the consequences can be.

“You’d think people would learn. They’re lucky he didn’t die.”

The victim was taken to Palmerston North Hospital with moderate injuries, a St John spokeswoman said.

Police were making enquiries into the assault, but had made no arrests following the incident yet, a media police media spokeswoman said.

Ruawhare said the area the man was walking down was poorly lit which made it the perfect spot for those inclined to harm others to dwell in.

Though he hadn’t seen or heard of another assault in the area, he said it was just a matter of time before it happened again.

Extracted in full from: Victim of gang assault finds refuge at Feilding petrol station | Stuff.co.nz