Virgin Australia is expected to launch its points-earning alliance with 7-Eleven within weeks, providing the airline’s 10 million Velocity Frequent Flyers with a vital avenue for earning points on the ground.

In keeping with Virgin’s new mid-market value position, 7-Eleven will make a suitably mainstream points partner; the move will also help Virgin level up to arch-rival Qantas and its high-profile hookup with BP.

Executive Traveller understands the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is poised to hand down an interim authorisation ruling which, if favourable, would let both parties kick-start what their proposal described as “pre-launch activities including IT integration, marketing, and promotional activities.”

This would be followed by a ‘go-live date’ from which Velocity membership numbers could be entered into an updated 7-Eleven app, and the actual launch date for earning points by swiping their physical Velocity card or “scanning a virtual digital card” at 7-Eleven stores.

Interestingly, the ACCC submission also suggested that a handful of 7-Eleven outlets could participate in a 21-day “pilot program” during this pre-launch phase with “the purpose of ensuring the applicants’ IT systems and processes are aligned and ready for the full launch of the partnership.”

Executive Traveller understands that the earn rates will be set at 2 Velocity Points per litre of ‘premium’ Supreme 98+ and Extra 95 fuel, and 1 Velocity Point per lite for all other ‘regular’ fuel blends.

There’ll also be the opportunity to earn 2 Velocity Points per dollar spent in-store on most products excepting tobacco, SIM cards, gift cards and prepaid transport cards such as Opal and Myki.

Under the partnership’s direct earn model, Velocity Points should land in the member’s account within 24 hours of any eligible purchase.

Extracted in full from: Earn Velocity ‘points for petrol’ in Virgin Australia, 7-Eleven hookup – Executive Traveller