The franchise has vowed to install 500 fast chargers at its North American sites, however CarAdvice has found there are no plans to do the same Down Under.

Fuel station franchise 7-Eleven has no plans to install electric vehicle chargers at its Australian sites in the near future, despite pledging 500 for the US and Canada before the end of 2022.

Overnight the company announced it was partnering with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to roll out high-speed plugs across North America.

However, employees of nine separate Australian franchises – located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane – all told CarAdvice they were not aware of plans to install electric vehicle chargers locally.

A media representative for the wider company declined to comment when approached for further information, however an insider at the business’ head office told CarAdvice: “I’ve been in meetings where this has come up this before – there are definitely no current plans to do [electric vehicle] chargers.”

According to the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia, there are currently 2307 public charging stations in Australia. Of these, approximately 350 are DC fast chargers.

Meanwhile, there are an estimated 48,000 public charging stations in North America, 5500 of which are fast chargers.

Extracted in full from: 7-Eleven Australia chooses not to install electric vehicle chargers locally, despite US pledge | CarAdvice