The rebrand of petrol stations to Ampol in Mandurah is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

Caltex Australia announced in 2019 that it was resurrecting the iconic brand, nearly 25 years after the name was retired in the merger with Caltex.

The rebranding is part of a three-year nationwide overhaul of 1900 petrol stations.

REBADGED: The Lakelands rebrand includes Ampol's shop format, Foodary.¬†REBADGED: The Lakelands rebrand includes Ampol’s shop format, Foodary.

The state-wide rollout will see 230 sites rebadged over two years, including 12 in Mandurah and Pinjarra.

Greenfields, North Yunderup, Lakelands, Dawesville and Pinjarra have completed their rebrand, all including Ampol’s shop format, Foodary.

Falcon Miami Beach and Erskine are scheduled for completion by the end of the month and both will have a Foodary.

The second Falcon site, Mandurah, Mandurah Forum, and Secret Harbour will be complete during the second half of the year. Secret Harbour will have a Foodary and Mandurah already opened a Foodary in October 2020.

An company spokeswoman said there were currently no plans for additional Ampol developments for the Mandurah or Murray areas.

The iconic Australian Motorists Petrol Company, which later became Ampol, was founded in 1936 and has been part of Australia’s DNA since then.

Ampol spokeswoman Joanne Taylor said while the revitalised Ampol looked a bit different to the Ampol of yesterday, the company’s values remained the same.

“We know all our customers are excited by Ampol’s return and we look forward to welcoming Western Australians back onto Ampol forecourts as we roll out the new brand across the state.”

Caltex Australia chief executive Julian Segal said Ampol was an iconic Australian name – a brand which reflected the company’s deep Australian heritage and expertise.

“Our market research confirmed that Ampol continues to be regarded as a trusted brand by Australian consumers – even those who weren’t born when the brand was retired,” Mr Segal said.

Extracted in full from: Ampol returns to Peel | Mandurah Mail | Mandurah, WA