An army of Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles have arrived in Australia at Port Kembla, The Driven reports. The article noted that the army of vehicles is part of what will be a record-shattering quarter. Tesla shipped 1,500 of its Model 3 vehicles to Australia last month and owners should start taking delivery of their vehicles soon. What I found interesting was that the article mentioned that this new shipment of Teslas will “means it is fast approaching Toyota Corolla sales.”

In February of this year, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries noted that Toyota sold 2,427 of its Corolla sedans. And in April, Toyota was the market leader in new car sales. Its top-selling vehicle wasn’t the Corolla, but the RAV4. The FCAI didn’t explain how many of Toyota’s RAV4 sales were hybrid EVs.

Though, the 1,500 Tesla Model 3s are coming in one of Tesla’s typical high-delivery months. This is not a sustained, average monthly rate. Next month will reportedly be even bigger, but then there will be low-delivery months, and previously there were low-delivery months. The best view will be seeing how the Model 3 compares on an annual basis, or at least quarterly basis. That said, the numbers in the first half of the year look big. We’ll come

The Driven also pointed out that an EV market share of 2% last month is a new record for Australia, and of that share, around three-quarters, are Tesla Model 3s. The article also noted that there is a growing interest in EVs, but this is much more in line with the US electric vehicle market than the much hotter European or Chinese EV market. The US is also around a meager 2% and dominated by Tesla sales, whereas Europe is around 10% and much more diverse, and China is somewhere between the two in market share and also very diverse.

In March, The Guardian also reported that the Australian EV industry’s growth was far too low for what is needed. Although this bit of news seemed dark at the time, it seems the high deliveries of one particular Tesla model in Australia reflect that the interest of the Australian consumer in EVs is there.

Last month, it was reported that people were refusing to even sit in a Tesla and that General Motors was having a bit of a challenge in Australia convincing its market to make the switch to EVs. EV opponents such as Emission Reduction Minister Angus do provide a bit of a challenge, but the numbers are growing and I think that as more Teslas and other EVs are gradually imported into Australia, people will become more and more open and receptive to the idea of a clean vehicle.

The arrival of the army of Teslas in Australia

The Tesla Model 3 Australia group on Facebook shared a video of the Model 3s lined up to the Star Wars song “The Imperial March.” Since most of the vehicles were white, this was a perfect match. Unfortunately, it seems that the video is no longer available or that the privacy settings have been adjusted, but The Driven does have a photo from the video which you can view here.

Approximately 5,000 EVs will have been delivered to happy new Tesla owners sometime this month or by the end of this month. When you add this to another estimated 10,000 Tesla vehicles that have previously been shipped locally, this brings Tesla’s fleet in Australia up by 50% just in the first half of 2021.

The Driven interviewed Tesla ship tracker VedaPrime, who helps Tesla customers determine when their vehicles have arrived in Australia. VedaPrime pointed out that by the end of this year, Tesla could double its fleet. In a note to The Driven, he said, “It’s massive growth.” He thinks that the growth is over 375% year on year if Tesla continues in this way.

Extracted in full from: An Army Of Tesla EVs Are Lined Up On The Docs Of Port Kemdla, Australia | CleanTechnica