After a Woolies shopper shared her hack in saving on groceries and petrol, a staffer revealed how you can save even more on your fuel.

A petrol station employee has revealed how Woolies customers can save 13 cents per litre in one transaction when filling up at their local EG servo.

It came about when a mum took to Facebook explaining how she managed to nab two cartons of milk for free, after getting eight cents off her fuel.

“At the risk of sharing this and having Woolies change it … I’m sharing it anyway lol,” the mum began her post.

A mum has shared her ‘hack’ in nabbing ‘free’ milk and saving eight cents off her fuel. Picture: Facebook/MumsWhoBudget&Save

“My favourite (probably only) mum hack. Step 1: Fuel the entire car at Woolies servo.

“Step 2: Buy 2x milks (usually $3 each but 2 for $5).

“NOTE: The price AFTER 4 litres of milk is cheaper than BEFORE the purchase.”

She got four cents off her fuel for spending $5 at the servo and another four cents off for using her Woolies fuel e-voucher.

You can get the e-voucher when you spend $30 or more at your local Woolworths store.

Extracted in full from: EG app cheap fuel price hack revealed by service station worker (