ELECTRIC cars are now travelling further than petrol and diesel models despite fears from consumers over vehicles’ overall ranges.

New research from Nissan has revealed cars are travelling around 630 clean kilometres further than traditional internal combustion engines. Owners of electric models completed an average of 14,200km every year compared to just owners of traditional cars who travel just 13,600km a year.

However, over a quarter of EV drivers say running out of charge was one of the biggest misconceptions of EV driving.

They claim the technology and infrastructure is “sufficiently developed” to allow for day to day use.

Electric owners said range should not be a deterring factor for switching to electric cars.

A total of 70 percent of EV drivers said their experience with range has been better than they initially expected.

rnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President at Nissan was confident range anxiety would soon become an issue of the past.

He said: “This research reiterates that electric driving is not only a smart option beneficial to the environment but also a fun, exciting and convenient choice for the owners.

“It is no surprise that people now drive EV further than ICE cars.

“We are confident that with more EV on the road dispelling myths, range anxiety will soon be in the past.”

his was up nearly 10 percent on the previous quarter while 379 rapid charging devices were almost installed.

According to GOV.UK, this was the largest quarterly growth in both total and rapid devices since 2015.

Nissan says over the first decade of electric cars, their popular Nissan LEAF has attracted 500,000 owners globally.

Nissan promises there will be “more choice” to “inspire drivers” to make the switch to electric cars over the coming years.

Mr Charpentier said: “This is an exciting time for the automotive industry.

“As we continue to expand our electric line-up with the all-electric coupé crossover, the Nissan Ariya and the all-new Qashqai with our award-winning e-POWER technology, there will be more choice to help inspire drivers to make the switch and continue this positive trend of cleaner travel for our planet.”

Extracted in full from: Electric cars now travel further than petrol and diesel models as range anxiety fears axed | Express.co.uk