Perth’s average petrol price will break records tomorrow as the city’s highest in three years.

FuelWatch has advised the average price of petrol will increase to 160.2 c/litre, just falling below 162.4 c/litre recorded on October 30, 2018.

Motorists have been urged to fill up today to save at the bowser, with the average petrol price set to soar more than 32 cents per litre on tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s highest price will be 171.9 c/litre.

Price hike will hit hard at most branded retailers, including Coles Express and Caltex/Ampol which are tipped at 171.9 c/litre — a whopping increase between 44 to 46 c/litre at some sites.

Caltex Woolworths, 7-Eleven and BP will rise to 169.9 cpl, Puma will jump to 169.7 cpl while United and Vibe will be set at 159.9 c/litre and 159.5 c/litre respectively.

For those who can’t avoid the price hikes and have to fill up tomorrow, there will still be more than 30 sites selling below 130 c/litre.

Drivers could save up to $30 on a 60 litre tank of fuel, with the difference between the highest and lowest priced sites on Wednesday estimated to be 50 cpl.

It comes just ahead of the long weekend, when thousands of West Australian families will head away on road trips.

  • In Perth’s east, FastFuel 24/7 in Forrestfield has recorded 123.9 cpl.
  • For the southern suburbs Costco Perth Airport is priced at 121.7 cpl, however a membership is required. Second best is 122.9 cpl at United Maddington.
  • To the city’s north Vibe Wanneroo is offering 122.7 cpl.
  • East of Perth, Shell High Wycombe and Vibe Forrestfield will offer 125.5 cpl.
  • In Perth’s south, Costco Perth Airport again is top of the list with an unchanged price of 121.7 cpl for members, followed by United Maddington at 122.9 cpl.
  • North of the city, United Tapping will also offer 122.9 cpl.

Monday and Tuesday are traditionally the cheapest days on average in Perth’s fuel price cycle, with Wednesday and Thursday the most expensive days.

The high prices come after Prime Minister Scott Morrison last month announced $2.4b plan to make petrol more affordable for Australian motorists through increasing local supply by protecting the country’s two remaining refineries.

Extracted in full from: FuelWatch tells Perth drivers to buy fuel now as petrol prices soar to highest levels since 2018 | PerthNow