The Fair Work Ombudsman will soon be providing writing advice to small businesses on the National Employment Standards, Leave and Entitlements, Agreements and the Modern Awards including; coverage, classifications, wage rates, allowances and loading as part of the FWO Employer Advisory Service (FWO EAS) which aims to help small businesses understand and comply with their obligations.

Commencing from 1 July 2021 the FWO EAS was announced in last years Federal Budget and will “provide eligible small businesses with tailored written advice from the FWO on the application of the National Employment Standards, award provisions and other matters relating to pay and employee entitlements” according to the FWO spokesperson.

This written advice will be able to be relied on by the business as a formal defense if it is later found to be incorrect “employers that rely on the FWO’s advice will be protected from the Ombudsman taking compliance and enforcement action against them should they follow that advice”

The aim of the FWO EAS is at “providing greater certainty and encouraging proactive compliance, particularly by small business” said the FWO spokesperson.